Campus and Infrastructure

About Land

  • Land Area of Institution : 10,000 Sq. Mts.
  • The land is allotted by RIICO Ltd. Sikar on 99yrs lease basis and Registered at Sub-Registar, Neemkathana

The institution has well furnished, spacious and excellent physical infrastructure as per NCTE norms, in terms of classrooms, library, laboratories, playground, sports facilities and other amenities. In this college pupil teachers of B.Ed. Course, STC Course & BA BEd/BSc Bed Course receive their education as part of the pre-service training as teachers. The classrooms for each method are fully equipped with all facilities and are spacious and well-ventilated. The multipurpose hall is fully developed with latest gadgets where all the functions are systematically arranged without any hindrance. The college has fully furnished Science, Psychology, Computer, Educational Technology (ET) and Language Learning Laboratories. A large playground is there for various sports and games.

About Building

  • Total Built-Up Area : 4758.30 Sq. Mtrs.

Details of Building Floors

# Floor Built-up Area
1 Ground Floor 2212.08 Sq. Mtrs.
2 First Floor 1776.04 Sq. Mtrs.
3 Second Floor 770.18 Sq. Mtrs.
Total Area 4758.30 Sq. Mtrs.
  • Building Block is enabled with Fire Safety Equipments
  • Building is friendly with disabled students

Infrastructure Details

# Infrastructure Size
A Class Rooms
1. Class Rooms (14 Class Rooms) Each Class Room Size = 50.4 Sq. Mtrs (14 x 50.4 = 705.6 Sq. Mtrs.)
2. Class Rooms (4 Class Rooms) Each Class Room Size = 50.25 Sq. Mtrs (4 x 50.25 = 201.0 Sq. Mtrs.)
B Multipurpose Hall 222.4 Sq. Mtrs.
C Library-cum-Reading Room 222.4 Sq. Mtrs.
D ICT Resource Centre 102.0 Sq. Mtrs.
E Curriculum Laboratory
Science Lab
Social Studies Rescources
Psychology Resources
Language Learning Resources

84.6 Sq. Mtrs.
50.4 Sq. Mtrs.
52.2 Sq. Mtrs.
69.01 Sq. Mtrs.
F Art & Craft Resource Centre 67.0 Sq. Mtrs.
G Health & Physical Resource Centre 78.39 Sq. Mtrs.
I Plya Ground 5000 Sq. Mtrs.
Facilities in the Institution
# Facilities Yes/No
1 Principal Office Yes
2 Staff Room Yes
3 Administrative Office Yes
4 Visitor Rooms Yes
5 Common Rooms for Male & Female Students Yes
6 Seminar Rooms Yes
7 Visitor Rooms Yes
8 Cafetaria Yes
9 Parking Space Yes
10 Madical Facilities Yes