Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the center of academic excellence in the area of teacher education by providing quality teacher education programmes at par with the national and international standards to the rural youth including in them our culture, heritage and values along with complete education.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to prepare the student teacher by providing them a rigorous quality academic study with innovative effective teaching strategies and developing in them the ability and passion to work wisely and creatively to become the best teacher in their career, in a environment with intellectual stimulus and moral prosperity.


Inculcating value of teaching as a vocation and noblest profession initiating the session by Hawan ceremony daily prayers to develop religious and moral values is a permanent feature of the institution.


To equip the student teachers in brining desired social changes and to develop skills to work in future for the welfare of the society, achieving intellectual stability and creating new knowledge.

The student teachers are expected to understand the importance of objective based instruction and to develop skill in preparing lesions to be taught.

Training:- The broad objective of training is to empower and embolden the prospective teachers for effective teaching, research, extension and consultancy.

Employment:- The prime aim of the institution is to develop the student teachers to become effective teachers who can face the challenges of the future society.

The institution aims at the general uplift of the disadvantaged group such as backward students, physically handicapped and economically weak.

Providing equal opportunities to all students without any discrimination.

The student teachers are expected to become acquainted with different methods of teaching, test for assessment. Community and National Development:- To equip the student teachers by developing various practical skills that help them to perform the social responsibilities to lead community for national development.

Understanding of the importance of environmental education and develop sense of responsibility towards conservation of environment, bio diversity and sustainable development.
The student teachers are expected to review the modern system of education in the context of education in ancient period and appreciate universal values as well as national values and instill them in the next generation.
Global Trends and Demands:- The student teachers are expected to become capable of applying modern techniques and practices in teaching by obtaining a total perspective of the role of technologies in modern educational practice.


It is to shape rural talent and provide opportunities to educated unemployed youth to find meaningful employment in the field of education as an able teacher to fulfill the need of the society.


The institution’s state purpose, vision, mission and values are made known to various stakeholders and to the prospective student teachers through institution publication in monthly newsletters, information brochure, website and teacher – parents meeting during admission and functions organized in the institution.